HOW do you train for a marathon, Ironman, ultrarun or the like ... AND raise kids, hold a job, go to college, be in love, run a business, and have fun, (i.e. live your LIFE) at the same time?

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Finishing My First Ironman Changed My Life.

Health, business, confidence, relationships, and more ... I elevated my game.

At the finish line I decided the upward trend was no where close to being done. I was just beginning. Life was TOO GOOD to live any way other than being fit! And I wanted to help people on a similar journey.

Around the same time, I got a behind-the-scenes view of a few chart-topping podcasts.

Soon I put the two together: I'd start a podcast showcasing the incredible people and life-elevating opportunities of endurance sports.

Ironman Maryland 2014. My official time: 11:54:47.

Guest #16 - Rory Duckworth, founder and president of the Salt Lake Tri Club.

What I'm Out to Accomplish with this Podcast.

I love a good challenge.

At the end of the day, here's what this project is about:

#1 Inspire people to do their first endurance event/race.

We've all heard people talk about what's on their bucket lists ... and why right now isn't the "right" time to go for it. Yet every weekend, people with similar (and often harder) life circumstances stand at the starting line of marathons and triathlons, and hours later enjoy the thrills of completion and accomplishment (and competition). How are these people doing it? How do they live a BIG life AND train? This podcast explores who these people are, their lives, and how and WHY they do it.

#2 Encourage current racers to keep at it.

If you've ever stood at an Ironman finish line, you've likely heard short anecdotes about the amazing people coming down the chute. Grandmothers raising their grandkids. People told by medical professionals, "You'll never walk again." Single parents working while finishing PhDs. Heads of companies. Key players in non-profits. I LOVE these stories. I think there's more good that can be done looking deeper and sharing the full story: good in celebrating the person, and good in strengthening those of us already in the sport with a strong resolve to continue training and racing through whatever challenges we face.

#3 Elevate the entire Endurance community.

I'm steeped in the triathlon world, yet other endurance disciplines like ultrarunning, cycling and obstacle course racing are chock full of equally inspiring people. And there's even the world of alternative adventures like kayaking from Florida to Cuba! I see triathletes learning from cyclists, who get inspired by ultrarunners, who gain from the perspectives of endurance adventurers, who in turn are prodded on by triathletes. We'll all stand stronger when we're connected and stand together.

Thanks for your support!

Pound the rock. Do good. Have a great time.

Stay Posted.
I won't spam, rent, or sell your information
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Incredible people whose stories you'll hear ...

Nicole De Boom

Wife, mother, inventor of the running skirt, founder of, speaker and the Ironman Wisconsin 2014 Champion

Rory Duckworth

Husband, father, insurance agent, beekeeper, and an extreme cyclist, founder of the Salt Lake Tri Club, and an 8-time Ironman finisher

Tiara Walz

Captain in the US Army, healthcare administrator, graduate student in health admin and business, and an Ironman

Jen Hansard

Wife, mother, entrepreneur, co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies, speaker, author and a marathoner

Shawn Sadowski

Husband, father, 5-time startup founder, and a cyclist ... who cycled across the United States to interview 100 entrepreneurs in 100 cities

Minda Aguhob

Tech-fashion startup founder, Lyft celebrity, severe brain trauma survivor, and a cyclist and triathlete 

Beni Gifford

Brand ambassador, Texan, and the 11th-ranked Obstacle Course Racer in the world 

Keena Schaerrer

Mother of 4, business owner, coach and trainer to more than 1,000 athletes over 20 years ... and an 8-time World Championships Qualifier, 4-time USA Triathlon All-American, and an Ironman
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  • Is a cool person living a cool life? The bigger the better, but honestly anyone who does endurance training and lives a semi-normal life is prime!
  • Has a good story? Overcoming challenges, juggling a full load, chasing and breaking records, making incredible progress in rapid time, beating the odds ... all that and more is great! 
  • Is into endurance/ultra/multi sports? Half marathons, trails, triathlons of all types, obstacle courses, you name it ... anything where you do the same motion *forever* counts!
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